I'm still updating this site with more awesome designs:
New projects, case studies, blog and hopefully a store!

I'm very excited to share with you all.
Hope to see you come back again to see the changes!
- Nicole

Previous WOrk:

Logo & Branding: HeartChat.com.au

Multicultural Mental Health

Branding & Video Assets: pintofscience.com.au

PintAUOnline 2020

Publication Design: www.agmc.org.au

Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council

Illustration & Animation:

Women's World Cup

Communication Design:

StaySafe Project

Logo & Branding: digitalreach.asia

Digital Rights: South-East Asia

Logo & Branding:

Luxury Real Estate

Logo & Packaging:

Bonnie May Optometry

Branding & Packaging:

Organic Beverage & Australian Grown


Coming soon!